Choosing Content to Post on Specific Social Media Channels

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If you’re a small business managing multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, you can run into some days when you’re just not sure what to post. It’s important to note that each channel has a different audience; therefore you should be posting different content on each of these channels.

Here are three popular social media channels, and how to choose the right content for that specific audience:


It’s important to have a content calendar set up for your Facebook business page so you’re not scrambling day-to-day on what to post. But what do Facebook fans want to see? It’s simple: they want to create a relationship with you. A user’s personal Facebook feed includes their friends and family so when they “like” your business page, they are allowing you into that feed. They don’t want to be sold on your products/services every day, they want to get to know your business on a more personal level. Content such as photos around the office or of employees going out to lunch, photos of customers/clients perhaps using your products, asking fans questions to show that you value their opinion and sharing sneak peaks of future products or promotions. Facebook is a place to form a relationship with your fans that could turn into loyal customers.


Twitter is known as the micro-blogging channel. It’s a place where users can get quick, bit-sized information in 140 characters or less. People join Twitter to share information – there has to be value in your tweets in order for someone to follow you. It’s also important to not only tweet your own original content, but to share/favorite/reply to other tweets in your feed. It’s the easiest and most direct channel to start a conversation with users. Post your blog posts, informational content pertaining to your industry, text from your website, tips and articles from news sources that your target audience will find beneficial. If a Twitter user thinks they are going to gain something from following you, chances are, they will follow. Also, don’t forget to use your hashtags!


Most people think LinkedIn is like an online resume when, in fact, it is much more. It’s important to be consistently active on LinkedIn in order for your business to remain visible.Most users on LinkedIn are professionals, so it’s not typically somewhere you would post about your taco Tuesday outing with the staff (that’s something for Facebook!) LinkedIn is for networking and brand awareness. LinkedIn is an excellent place to display your industry expertise. If your business regularly blogs or produces videos, be sure to share them on the channel. Also, find quality articles that relate to your industry to share on this channel. You can do this for both your personal profile and company page.

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