5 Ways to Prepare for a Live Tweeting Event

Aug 2014
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When live tweeting from an event, you need to be ready for anything that might come your way. Predicting award recipients is a difficult task, and even the most well-orchestrated show can throw a curveball that its producers couldn’t see coming. Between an event’s mass appeal and the notion that anything could happen, live tweeting creates the perfect storm for viral content. Here are 5 important ways you can prepare for the unpredictable and let your content shine.

1. Compile a guest list.

Add key guests or speakers to a saved Twitter search ahead of time, making it easier to mention them in posts or give attribution to their most notable quotes. Feel free to engage with noteworthy attendees prior to the event, when you are more likely to grab their attention and create a relationship early on.

2. Create graphics for multiple outcomes.

During major sporting events or award shows, many companies will share congratulatory images for winners almost instantly. What’s their secret for turning out these assets so quickly? They create a mini-library containing different images for multiple outcomes. Check out how your favorite brands have done this in the past, then add your company’s unique twist to some images of your own.

3. Set some guidelines.

Map out a few clear guidelines to ensure you stay relevant without straying from your brand identity or annoying current followers. Figuring out how often you want to tweet and what topics fit into your brand story can make things easier when you need to make a game-time decision.

4. Charge all your devices.

Live tweeting may supercharge the excitement you have for the industry, but your cell phone might not meet that same enthusiasm. Make sure that all your devices are fully charged ahead of time, and don’t discount the value of a cord-free charging device—it could mean the difference in being able to catch the night’s biggest moments.

5. Give your audience the heads up.

Although most of your followers will have some kind of connection to your company, they might not have any interest in the event that is about to take over your Twitter feed. By giving your followers a fair warning, they’ll be able to temporarily tune out until a later time. As a bonus, this makes you more likely to engage with other interested people before the event even starts!

With a little preparation, you can focus less on logistics and more on what is happening around you. Live tweeting from the heart of an event is an exciting experience, so have fun creating moments with your Twitter base! Next time they want the low-down on your industry’s events, they’ll know exactly where to turn.

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