What is Tribrr and is it Right for Me?

Every day there is some new social media program that is the next big thing.  As everybody wanted to be one of the first thousand people on facebook or twitter, you may be game for it.  Many of these programs … Read More

Photovine: Watch Your Photos Grow

Photovine is a project that Google has been working on for a while. Available only in private beta and via invitation (like all of Google’s new projects), it finally became publicly available early last week and yours truly was first … Read More

#Hashtaggin’ 101

Hashtagging! What exactly is it? A while back my social media-inept friend began badgering me about what sticking a hash mark in front of a random phrase or term in a tweet meant.  Going through our personal Twitter feeds, we … Read More

Wordless Wednesday

Jarrett Gucci from Dynasty Web Solutions is a WordPress pro… and wants everyone to know it! LOL

Auto DMs: Just Say No

I love Twitter. It would be safe to say that it’s probably my favorite social networking tool. In 140 characters, I can share a simple thought. I have also made some powerful connections and lifelong friends. However, my biggest pet … Read More

Instagram– Connecting the World, One Photograph at a Time

As a photo enthusiast, I’ve been following Instagram since its inception last October.  In case you’ve been living in a cave, Instagram is a photo manipulation program (currently available only as an Apple application, to my Android-ownership chagrin, although thankfully it … Read More

Pinterest: Visual Creativity

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed when Pinterest was first announced. I got a few invites that I immediately deleted from my inbox and shook my head every time I saw a friend sharing a pin on Facebook or Twitter. However, … Read More

You Can’t Buy Friends! Or Can You…?

GOP Candidate Newt Gingrich is a friend fraud!  That’s right, the former House Speaker pays for his friends! Or for his Twitter followers, at least.  During his presidential campaign, Gingrich boasted an impressive, yet suspicious,  1.3 million followers on his … Read More

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