How To Handle Negative Social Comments for Businesses

May 2018

If you think that social media is just a place to push your message, change your mindset.  Social media is becoming a customer service channel where your audience expects responsiveness.  51% of consumers use social media to communicate with businesses. It’s crucial that your business knows how to communicate back appropriately.  We love the glowing reviews. How do we handle the negative feedback?

Create a plan

Whether you are running your digital marketing, or you’ve hired an agency, you must designate who will be in charge of handling the communication between the business and the consumers. It’s important that responses are consistent across all platforms especially when dealing with negative comments. You will want to have a system for reviewing these messages.

Create guidelines

How you respond to those questions and comments says a lot about your brand – not just to the person you are talking to, but to all the other fans and followers who are watching. It’s crucial to listen to what the consumers are saying even when negative. You can always use feedback as a way to improve your business in some way. Responding to negative comments in a timely matter is also very important because it shows you care and want to fix the problem. Try to handle a situation publicly to provide answers that others may also need.  In some cases, it’s better to take the conversation private.

Create more consumers

If you are answering questions and responding to feedback promptly and publicly, you will build a great digital brand presence.  This helps build trust between people who have no experience with your brand. Know when to respond and when to let some slide. Either way, always be transparent. Not everything needs a well-thought-out response. Sometimes just a like or an emoji to acknowledge a comment goes a long way.

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