Marketing with Instagram Stories

May 2018

Despite being a late arrival and adoptor of the Stories format, it’s no secret that Instagram Stories is outperforming Snapchat on all levels. In November 2017, Instagram’s “new” feature already had nearly twice as many daily users as Snapchat. The platform’s speedy rise to popularity and continued expansion have significant implications for audiences, influencers, and marketers alike. So why should you tell your brand’s story through Instagram Stories? We’re glad you asked!


Instagram Stories welcomes businesses of all sizes to share their story and converse with consumers in a more casual and relatable manner. The content is less curated and more in-the-moment than content posted to the actual feed. You can even personalize your content with the many unique tools Instagram Stories has and continues to introduce to the platform. Users can share interactive polls, tag locations, add hashtags, and add friends. To top it all off, you can even add fun stickers and GIFs to give your Stories a little extra spunk!


Aside from the abundance of personalization tools, Instagram Stories solves the issue of making sure users don’t feel like they’re limited to the amount of content they post. Many businesses have established an aesthetic for their feed to ensure a cohesive look that will help attract new followers, increase engagement, and help create a more recognizable brand.


Adversely, staying true to your aesthetic may also limit you to post content your followers would find valuable, as it may not necessarily follow the theme of your feed. Thankfully, Instagram Stories is designed for continuous watching and consumption, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing valuable content for the sake of sticking to your aesthetic. Furthermore, because the content will only live for 24 hours, the content itself doesn’t have to be quite as polished as a normal Instagram post. People want to see your brand’s in-the-moment humanity and authenticity, so give it to them!


No matter how many new social channels or features we see, the same prerequisite for success applies: You need to get your hands dirty learning the ins and outs. Have you implemented Instagram Stories into your social media strategy? Follow us on Facebook and share your experience!

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