5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram

Source: @avekbaroc
Source: @avekbaroc


Are you taking perfect photos but you don’t see the engagement you like? There are important factors when it comes to the layout of your Instagram, the way you interact on the platform, and the portrayal of your business that you set forth to your followers. We’ve got a handful of tips to boost your Instagram account:

Switch Up Your Images

You don’t always want to be sharing images of the product(s) you offer, after all, if someone is viewing your page – they probably are already aware of what you sell. Instead, be sure to use Instagram to tell a story. Feature your employees in pictures and share all they do at the company. Document a team meeting as you are going over future company goals. Use Instagram as more than just a platform to highlight your products, use it to tell the story behind your company and its products.

Use Video

It’s no secret that video is what is doing best these days. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, their algorithm places video content first and foremost. In other words, if you want more people to see your posts, be sure to share video.

Grow an Engaged Following

Use relevant hashtags for your business and its field, search those hashtags to follow and engage with potential customers. One of the great things about Instagram is how niche orientated it can be, so seeking out ideal customers is an easy thing to do. Make sure to like and comment on your follower’s posts so that in the future they return the favor.

Inspire Your Followers

Instagram can be used to highlight how your product can be used in different contexts. It can show anything from a video demonstration to a picture of your customers using the product. Either way, your photos are used in a way that inspires people to think about the possibilities that come with owning your product, which may lead them to either purchasing or recommending the product to someone else.

Create A Uniform Look

You want to make sure your Instagram profile is eye-catching to those who view it. Be sure that you aren’t using all different filters or constantly switching from black and white images to color images. It is smart to use exclusively one or two filters. This way pictures will fit together better, and it won’t be so overwhelming for others when they see your feed.

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