5 Types of Emails You Should Be Sending to Your Customers

5 Types-of-Emails-You-Should-Be-Sending-to-Your-CustomersIt’s no secret that we’re all believers in the magic of social media marketing and the value it adds to brands. However, many businesses tend to forget that email marketing can contribute to that magic as well. Sure, you may send out an announcement here or there letting your customers know that you have a sale, with a subject line that probably says, “We’re Having Another Sale,” but you’re missing out on several opportunities to market yourselves.


If you’re guilty of this there are two reasons why you shouldn’t feel too bad:

  1. You’re not alone.
  2. We have a few ideas to help you elevate your email game.

Here are 5 types of informational emails you can send to your contacts lists.


Product Email

This type of email is intended to highlight new products or show off products that are on sale at the moment, to drive traffic to your site. Email technology has become so advanced that you can send emails tailored to the customer experience.

For example, you can send a roundup of products the customer might be interested in based on products he/she has looked at on the site and added to their cart.

Social Media Email

You know we couldn’t leave social out. Show your channels some love by sending out an email that lets your subscribers know the different platforms you’re on. This should only be done occasionally so you don’t annoy them and fall victim of the unsubscribe button. We recommend twice per year tops!

Show your channels love by sending out an email that lets your subscribers know the platforms you’re on. Click To Tweet


Hosting a party, throwing a conference, or just having an annual sale event? Email is one of the best ways to get the word out. Subject lines that say, ‘You’re Invited,’ ‘Your Special Invitation Awaits,’ or ‘We’re Throwing You a Party’ really compels your customers to find out more.


If you want your subscribers to know about an upcoming sale, new product launch, company news or a webinar, this is the type of email to turn to. It’s simple, to the point, and tells the most important aspects of your announcement. If there are more details, your call to action button can link to a landing page.


A monthly newsletter keeps your customers informed throughout the year about what’s going on with your company. There are multiple sections in this email and each should spark engagement. Your subscribers should be excited to receive the information you’re providing and want to read more. The best way to achieve this is by writing fun enticing copy that links back to blog posts, products and relevant, timely news.


The email extravaganza doesn’t stop here. We’ll have 6 more types of emails your company can send next week, so keep an eye out.


Until then, learn how to write that fun, engaging copy we just talked about.


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