LinkedIn Joins The Multi-Image and Native Video Game

Aug 2017

Let’s be honest: LinkedIn’s lack of options when it comes to sharing multiple photos or video within posts has always been for lack of a better word, well, ANNOYING.

That’s all about to change with a new highly anticipated update as the social media platform enters the ring with its latest features. LinkedIn Joins The Multi-Image and Native Video Game

Meanwhile, Pinterest is giving it’s search capabilities an overhaul with a simple yet effective new update, and Facebook is giving websites that are poorly optimized for mobile use the cold shoulder in this week’s social media trends.

Pinterest Puts “Search” Front And Center

 In response to the success of new powerful tools such as “Visual Search,” Pinterest is making some changes that it hopes will provide an even more user-friendly experience for all 150 million monthly pinners.

The platform is moving the search feature from the navigation bar to the homepage, making it easier for mobile pinners to search with fewer steps.

This new update not only makes it easier for users to search through the platforms mega database of “Pin” collections but also brings powerful tools such as “Lens” front and center.

Facebook Throws Penalty Flag To Non-Mobile Optimized Sites

 If this was a soccer match, and your non-mobile optimized site was one of the starring players, Facebook would red card you off the field!

The social media juggernaut will release a new algorithm that will severely limit the reach for any websites that are not optimized for mobile.

In a new blog released this week, Facebook has confirmed that it will favor all sites that have a fast loading time, as it helps to improve overall user experience. It will also limit the reach to all sites that are slow as a snail.

Facebook Is Changing The Game For Non mobile-Optimized Sites Share on X

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is making significant moves to favor mobile content, as a whopping 94% of Facebook users are currently accessing the platform via their mobile devices.

LinkedIn To Multi-Image And Native Video Posts

Popular professional networking platform LinkedIn is now making it easier to tell and share your company’s story.

This update will allow the sharing of multiple images and video directly within posts, a move that will visually enhance news feeds as well as give users a new outlet to express their company culture.

While other social giants such as Facebook and Instagram have already embraced this feature, LinkedIn’s integration of multi image and video sharing will give a new spin in particular to professional networking in a digital age.

If you use iOS, you already have it. Android and desktop users will have to wait.


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