It’s Okay To Be Picky: How To Choose Brand Ambassadors

Aug 2017

It's Okay To Be Picky: How To Choose Brand AmbassadorsWe all have certain preferences and we all, naturally, gravitate towards what we love. What works for one person may not work for another, and that’s more than okay. The more we build up the things we love, the more our lives flourish. The same goes for seeking out brand ambassadors. You want people who fit well with your audience and product or service.  Most importantly, you want to work with someone who will be a good representation of what your brand stands for. After all, these are people who will be helping you build your company. The next time you’re searching for these gems, keep these three things in mind:

It’s Not Just About The Numbers


Finding someone with a large following doesn’t do your brand any good if they don’t have the right audience or don’t represent what your brand is about. Yes, it’s important to find people with a decent sized following for maximum exposure, but it shouldn’t be the only factor when you’re choosing somebody.


Look past the numbers and notice if and how their audience engages with them. Take time to scroll through their feed and look at what kind of vibe and message they’re portraying. Ask yourself if this person will be beneficial to your brand’s goals and if it’ll be worth the time, money, and effort down the line. Like any relationship, you’ll both get more value out of it if it’s a true match. 

Their Voice Is Your Voice


You cannot force what isn’t there. If you notice that a potential ambassador’s messaging is different than what you’re looking for then it’s probably best to leave that one behind and move on. Don’t assume that they’ll change their voice or content for posts about your brand.


People like to see what they signed up for. If I have an Instagram account that’s all about beaches and surfing, then it wouldn’t make as much sense for me – or for the brand – to start posting hiking photos that promote REI’s newest gear. People are who they are, and your brand is what your brand is. There will be others that will come your way, and you’ll be happy you decided to wait for the right ones.

Good Content Breeds Good Content


If you choose people who create good content, then you’ll automatically have good content to work with. You’ll be able to use it for social media, blogs, newsletters, websites, and the list goes on and on. This can also attract new people who may not be following you or your ambassador, but who happen to see it and are attracted to the content they created for you.


It may take a little digging to find the right people for the job, but it’ll make a big difference for your brand in the long run. If this marketing technique gets you excited for other unique ways to spread your brand’s message, check out these five ways to promote your brand without using social media.

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