How to Write Engaging Email Copy

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It’s not enough to have a compelling story or concept; you need to know how to sell it to your readers. From the subject line to the CTA, every piece of copy in your email should be engaging and get to the point. Unlike social media where consumers spend hours perusing through profiles, the Inbox has a very small window to attract consumers. Many quickly check it whenever there is a spare moment, which provides very little time to command their attention. Use these techniques to not only get your readers to open your emails but also convert them.


Subject Line

The subject line is the first component of the email that your audience sees in the Inbox. It needs to be catchy, while also setting them up for the content they will see when they open. You have a very limited space to persuade them, so wow factor is a must. Try to keep your subject lines under 40 characters, so your copy is not cut off on a mobile device, or you run the risk of losing readers.

In terms of writing engaging copy, there are several directions that you can take to reel in readers. Using first names makes the email feel more personal and creating suspense sparks intrigue. Certain keywords like, ‘exclusive’ or ‘special’ also trigger open rates and they won’t be able to resist seeing what’s inside. Use these words in moderation to avoid the spam folder and never mislead your audience with a subject line. You don’t want to lose credibility by promising them something you’re not giving away for free.


Body Copy

Now that you have the reader’s attention, the trick is keeping it. Be sure that your copy lays out everything they need to know, without padding it with excess information that can be found on a landing page. While the copy should include details not included in the subject line, the time is still ticking, so it should be as brief as possible.

It’s hard to stay interested in one long paragraph; break up your ideas and ensure that the layout is easy on the eye. If the email contains multiple points, create a secondary section and separate them with different headlines.



The Call to Action is the closing remark of your email; it’s how you will ultimately get your audience to do what you want. The CTA should always be an action phrase like, ‘shop the sale,’ ‘learn more,’ or ‘sign me up.’ If your brand voice allows for it, play around with fun alternatives like, ‘get the deets,’ or ‘snag a peek.’

Now that you have the recipe for a striking email, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. Focus on the voice of your brand and ask questions, as if you were the reader. “Why should I open this email, and what makes it relevant to me?” Once you’ve answered those questions with your copy, your readers will have no choice but to click on that enticing subject line.

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