3 Ways To Make Your Blog More Readable

Photo Credit: @trendmogul
Photo Credit: @trendmogul

You’re writing great blogs with excellent content, but you’re still not seeing your reader count increasing? Don’t worry: If it’s not you, it may be the structure of your blog.

Nowadays, creating quality content also means you need to be creating readable content. However, this can mean more than an interesting blog. A readable blog is one that will pull readers in and keep their attention for the duration of the post. From your title to your website, keep scrolling to discover 3 ways to make your blog more readable.


Solidify Your Hook

To get eyes on your blog, it’s important to earn clicks! What makes a blog clickable nowadays? A title that generates interest. While catering to SEO guidelines is important for helping your blog get found on the internet, remembering to target real people with an eye-catching title is just as crucial. Consider what people are searching for on the web when writing a blog title. Starting a blog with the words “How to” can easily grab someone’s attention. Also, pointing out dos and don’ts can make a difference to a potential reader’s eye. What are the common mistakes new business owners make on social media? Exactly.


List Your Reasons

So you’ve hooked a potential reader! Now it’s all about holding their attention. In a fast-moving world spurred on by the influence of instant gratification where an alternative is just a click away, it’s critical your content has staying power. Long blocks of text are no longer inviting to a reader’s eye. Make your content easily digestible by breaking it up into list format. Keeping your information short and punchy will make it easier to read and help your readers make it to the end of the article. If you don’t want to use lists, splitting up text blocks into smaller paragraphs can help too!


Go Easy On The Eyes

As I mentioned above, there’s nothing more daunting than opening up a blog post and being greeted by a huge block of text. If you wouldn’t read it, your readers probably won’t either. Keep your post length long enough to get your message across, but short enough to not scare readers away. According to the SEO blog Yoast, blogs should be no longer than 700-800 words. In addition to post length, make sure your blog is simply readable. Check that the font you’re using offers a clean read and make sure the background color isn’t dark. Once you’ve crossed all those off your list, you should be good to go!


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