Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make On Social Media

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A lot has changed in the last few decades as far as social media goes. Social networking has gone from a teenage pastime to a credible marketing technique. But just because most business owners understand the value of social media, doesn’t mean they know how to use it effectively. The fact is that an effective social media campaign is just that, a campaign that requires a plan of attack. Don’t set yourself up for social media failure; avoid making these mistakes online.


  1. Moving forward without a plan.

Many business owners jump into social media without devising a strategy, let alone putting much thought behind it, setting themselves up for failure. Start by identifying what your goals are and which channels you would like to use to achieve those goals. Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Organize a content calendar to guide your day-to-day posting efforts.


  1. Forgetting the “social” element.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make on social media is not connecting with their audience on a human level. Ditch the sales pitch and focus on creating informative, narrative, and memorable posts. Reach out to your customers, ask for feedback, and always respond to comments and messages. Treat your online audience as you would your in-store customers.


  1. Jumping ship early in the game.

You’re anxious to see results, we get it, but it’s important to remember that great things take time. Many business owners start their social media campaigns with enthusiasm and excitement, only to lose steam and disengage in as little as two months time. Social media is not a quick fix. Embrace your social media efforts as a long-term strategy and you will begin to see results in time.


  1. Losing sight of your brand.

Quite often, business owners set up their social media channels without rhyme or reason, each account looking different from the others. Social media is a great place to extend your branding, but you must keep it consistent. Use the same profile and cover photos and short bio for all of your social media channels. Consider the kinds of content you post on each channel; try to keep the overall themes and personality the same.


Put your best foot forward by beginning your social media endeavors with a well thought-out plan. Be personable and let your brand’s personality shine through, but most importantly, don’t give up! A successful social media presence comes with some big payoffs in the long run.

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