Facebook Doing 360 with New Canvas Capabilities

Oct 2016

Facebook is taking video one step further with new 360-degree capabilities for mobile ads! Meanwhile, Twitter is finally making its Moments feature available to everyone, and YouTube is ramping up offline viewing via the new Go app!

These are your trending social media stories “In the News” this week!Facebook Doing 360 with New Canvas Capabilities

YouTube Tackles Slow Connections with YouTube Go

 As digital video viewing options proliferate and competition heats up, offline viewing is one of the next frontiers for online video platforms.

With its latest launch of YouTube Go, which will allow for an optimized video experience offline or with slow data connections, Google is clearly addressing the growth of video views coming from less powerful phones

The YouTube Go app will offer features such as a new preview function that shows users what to expect before choosing to save or play a video, and in which resolution.

Users will also be able to share videos with friends without using any data.

There is no doubt there is a revolution in video when it comes to social media!

Twitter Moments Available to the Masses

 The ability to package tweets into stories using Moments has now been made to everyone via Twitter desktop.

Moments is a feature that compiles tweets into a larger story than can be told with a single tweet and the platform’s 140-character limit.

Before Twitter made the feature public this month, the platform only offered Moments to brand specific companies. It will be great to see how advertisers will take advantage of the new feature!

Have you tried to use Moments for your business since its release?

Facebook Does a 360 with Canvas Video Ads

 Facebook is creating a larger digital storytelling experience with its latest addition of 360- degree video capability for mobile ads on Facebook Canvas.

Along with the innovative video feature, Facebook Canvas will now allow for advertisers to link together multiple spots.

This progressive move will allow for more cohesive brand building, while also ensuring people stay on the Facebook app when engaging with their favorite brands. This further transforms the social media platform into a sort of one-stop-shop for online purchases and services.

This is just the latest change for Facebook, which recently launched vertical video and other new features to keep users engaged longer.

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