Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

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Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

There are still many business owners who don’t understand the need for a blog. Many write it off as too time consuming or not worth the effort. In actuality, adding a blog to your business website can increase traffic and sales while expanding your brand. Here are just a few ways a blog can be beneficial for your website and your overall business.

A blog gives your business credibility.

Many of those who hesitate to jump on the blog bandwagon wonder what they would write about. The answer is simple really, anything and everything related to your company, product or service. If your service is personal training, produce content that provides value for your target audience. In this case, the appropriate blog content might consist of information related to health and fitness.

The more useful content you put out there, the more people will see you as an authority in your field. If you can display your industry knowledge, you can gain the trust of your readers. Regularly publishing relevant, quality content will help you establish a presence with your target audience and hopefully encourage them to use your services.

A blog gives your business a voice.

Your website provides stagnant information about your services, but a blog allows you to give your brand personality and communicate with your target audience. Through a blog, you can share fun stories or details about the company and show your potential clients who you really are. Take the opportunity to make your brand likable and relatable.

Your blog gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience. Aside from sharing useful and interesting information, it’s also important to communicate with your readers. Encourage readers to respond to posts, ask for feedback, and always respond to comments. This dialogue is a way to build trust among your clients that will hopefully lead to a business relationship.

A blog allows potential clients to find you.

Everyone turns to the internet to help solve their problems these days. Let’s say the service you provide is personal training. A potential client does a Google search for personal trainers in their area. Dozens of options will turn up and the odds of that individual selecting your listing are slim. Now let’s say that same potential client runs a search for post workout meal recipes. It just so happens that you have written a blog post with similar content and your post is likely to be selected from the search results. Now the potential client has read your blog post and has the opportunity to explore your services through your website.

The bottom line is that blogging gives your website more searchable content. Companies who blog get twice as much website traffic as those who don’t blog. Through your blog posts you can generate traffic by using keywords. This increase in traffic will improve your website’s rankings among search engines, making it easier for potential clients to find you online. An increase in website traffic will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

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