Want Personality? Add Social Media

Photo credit: @wordsbylynn
Photo credit: @wordsbylynn

One thing that always stands out to me these days is when companies and professionals DON’T have a social media presence. They are really missing out on such a great opportunity to engage with clients.

When I am referred to someone, I Google them to find what comes up. Most of their time, it’s their website. Once I find their website, I try to find them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. If they are really on top of their social media, they have links to their social media channels on their website, which makes it easy to find them.

When I look a new company up on social media, what I am first looking for is just a confirmation of who they are. It’s much easier to confirm that this company is related to this person through social media than on websites typically. Also, I like to see how many fans they have, how often they post, and whether I think they are witty, funny, or professional online!  It all adds to just getting to know who a company is and I can get an idea for their personality.  A great website can show personality, but it is done much better and easier through the use of social media channels.

Adding social media will allow people to get an idea of who you really are. It allows people to hear your voice and get a glimpse into your company culture, which influences them before you even have a conversation.

Should you replace your website with social media? No!  They need to work together to create a comprehensive online presence, and ultimately a personality that will help engage your future customers or clients from the first time they ‘meet’ you.

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