Where is My Instagram Shop Tab?

instagram tabMany Instagram fans are asking, “what happened to my Instagram shop tab?” As Instagram has been rolling out some new changes to the platform’s shopping features, users are noticing a visual difference. Here’s what the changes could mean for customers and businesses using this feature.

Say Goodbye to the Instagram Shop Tab

In the most recent update to the social platform, Instagram has decided to eliminate their must-loved shopping tab from the main navigation bar. Ultimately their goal is to remove this tab altogether by 2023.

Launched in 2020, this short-lived feature was a game changer for many businesses. It allowed users to curate content-specific to their searches and discover new online brands.This year, Instagram is instead headed towards a more simplistic and less personalized version of their shopping page.

Focus on Feed, Stories, and Reels

As the shopping tab disappears from profiles, businesses selling products on the platform will need to rely more heavily on feed posts, stories, live shopping events, and Instagram Reels. Direct messaging between sellers and buyers will still be accessible. Companies will need to focus on personalization now through content and messages instead of relying on the shopping tab.

Consider Investing in Advertising

As part of the Meta Suite, Instagram also rewards accounts that invest dollars into the platform through social media advertising. Companies that were relying heavily on the benefits of organic traffic through the shopping tab may want to consider working boosted posts and ads in their marketing budgets. Instagram ads allow you to hyper-target your messaging to the audience members that are most likely to engage with your content. Some ad formats also allow you to use a different link outside of your link in bio and drive users to your website. 

If your business is using Instagram to reach your top customers, it may be time to pivot your marketing strategy and incorporate some new tactics. Even if you’re not selling products directly onto the platform, your business could still benefit from testing out content pieces such as stories, Reels, and advertising.

Over 130 million people use Instagram shopping. 

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