Top LinkedIn Updates 2022

Oct 2022

LinkedIn updatesLinkedIn updates are changing the game for professional networking. New tools like link stickers, post templates, and carousel options are putting creativity in the hands of more business owners. Learn how these new social media marketing tools can help you leverage LinkedIn for your business and drive more from your daily posts.

Link Stickers

We’ve all grown to love the stickers platforms like Instagram offer users for Stories and Reels. LinkedIn has taken a page out of Meta’s playbook and given professional social media users the ability to add similar stickers right onto images in feed posts. These stickers include a central link and customized text to allow users to direct their network to any URL they wish. Many businesses are using these stickers to:

  • Drive newsletter subscriptions
  • Increase online purchases
  • View services
  • Follow business pages
  • Link to a personal page

LinkedIn stickers are available in the mobile in-app post-creation tools.

Carousel and Template Posts

Although users struggled to adopt the LinkedIn Stories concept, users are still interested in using Story type elements in feed posts. This has led to the recent rollout of native carousel posts. Similar to Facebook and Instagram carousels, this new post design option allows users to display multiple photos more cleanly. Previously, LinkedIn displayed multiple photos in a post as a collage and forced users to click on individual photos to see the full image.

Additionally, templates are also finding their way into the hands of mobile users. Post templates give users the ability to customize colors, font styles, and backgrounds for typical feed posts. These LinkedIn social templates are also very similar to those found in the Meta creator studio.

In the past year, the professional platform has seen record-breaking engagement and user growth. These new creative in-platform LinkedIn updates can help business owners reach audiences like never before. 

Companies see an average of 33% increase in purchase intent resulting from exposure on LinkedIn

Are you taking full advantage of the platform and all its capabilities to reach decision-makers? Find new areas of opportunity for your social media strategy.

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