Video is the Best Play… But Don’t Get Thrown Out Of The Game

LinkedIn Live is creating early success for entrepreneurs, Instagram tries to cope with the poor performance of IGTV, Google+ says goodbye, and YouTube is bringing out the umpires and throwing people out of the game. One thing is sure: the value of video is rising on social media and it’s making news this week.


For it’s 1, 2, 3 Strikes You’re Out on YouTube!

YouTube has been under the microscope lately as it has tried to manage destructive content – from suicide videos and self-harm tips to conspiracy theories. YouTube has decided to implement a new set of community guidelines and a more strict discipline policy. The first time you violate a rule, you’ll have your content removed, and you will receive a warning. After that, it is three strikes and you’re out (within 90 days). The first strike you receive, your ability to upload will be frozen for a week. Strike two will be a two-week freeze. And strike three – you guessed it – you’re account will be terminated. Brush up on the guidelines kids, because YouTube is a game that still offers home runs for your business.


RIP Google+: June 28, 2011 – February 28, 2019

Speaking of striking out, Google has decided to shut down the platform Google+ after another data leak. Users will have until February 28th to access accounts, and then the 90 days following to access the site’s API. The continuous data leaks combined with the lack of popularity convinced Google to go ahead and pull the plug – four months earlier than planned.


IGTV Didn’t Stick; Here’s What Instagram is Doing to Fix It

It’s no secret that Facebook, Inc. has a thing for video. That yearning has not translated to success when it comes to IGTV.  Instagram users didn’t latch onto the new feature as expected, so Instagram is tweaking things. The platform will now allow you to share a preview of your IGTV posts both in your stories and on your feed as a way to promote viewership and draw attention back to your IGTV channel. Will it stick now? Only time, and trial and error, will tell. Learn how to use this new IGTV feature here.


Why You Should Pay Attention to LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is a little late to the live-content game. However, entrepreneurs are already finding success with the newest live video feature. Why? Anytime there is a new feature, businesses seem to tiptoe into incorporating it into their strategy. But a few profiles on LinkedIn are experiencing the first-come, first-served aspect after trying LinkedIn Live. We recommend beating your competitors to the punch on this one by exploring the frontier of LinkedIn Live. Need video ideas? gathered a few here.


Did you know: Just 14.5 percent of businesses don’t publish any video content on social media.


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