Best Practices For Your Brand’s Twitter Account

Feb 2019

In the modern age of quick gratification and instant news, Twitter has been a dominating platform. If Twitter is the right channel for your brand, it can be an incredibly useful tool to connect with your audience in a more relaxed and timely manner.


Twitter is all about talking about the hottest trending information with your community while sharing your brand’s voice and personality as well. Because this channel is all about the hustle, it’s crucial to take the right steps to stay relevant in the feed of your desired audience.


Here are the best ways to utilize Twitter for your business:


Keep It Short

Because Twitter only allows 280 characters in a tweet, it is essential to keep your thoughts concise. In Twitter’s case, less is more. Twitter users are not expecting to read long threads every time they jump on the timeline, so make sure your brand’s tweets are easy to read and to the point.


Use Relevant Hashtags

Whether your brand is tweeting about a trending topic or industry related subjects, utilizing hashtags will increase your reach significantly. This means that when your brand uses the appropriate hashtags, your tweets will extend further to more than just your followers.


Run Polls

Because Twitter is so fast-paced and tweets get hidden in the timeline fairly quickly, it is useful to take advantage of different features such as polls. This will give your audience a chance to engage effortlessly. Some users are not as inclined to write back to your tweets.  Polls give them another way in which they can participate with your brand.


Ask Questions

Your brand’s presence on Twitter should be involved and engaged. One way to spark an interesting conversation with your audience is by asking them questions. Twitter is a great place to get to know what your audience is like. Your questions do not always have to involve your brand, so try including content that ties into current events and topics as well.


Incorporate Visuals

Take your tweets a step further than text-only by adding photos and videos. This will catch the eyes of your audience and bring them onto your feed. Like many other social media channels, uploading native media with links will perform better in the feed, as the tweets will receive a larger preview than simple photo link previews.  


Whether your business is big or small, Twitter can be a wonderful place to show your audience what your brand is all about on a day-to-day basis. Keep your audience involved by tweeting 5-10 times a day and don’t be afraid to make your content a little unconventional; Twitter users appreciate authenticity within brands.


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