The Three C’s You Should Avoid on Your Professional Profiles

There is a time and a place for just about everything, but when it comes your social media account, it is time to draw a line in the sand. After all, what you post on your social media profile will exist forever.

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Ultimately, what you post on your social channels is up to you, but the Three C’s are important tips to help you avoid future embarrassments:

  1. Cursing should be limited to saloons, not social media. While many may view this as an obvious one, it’s always important to brush up on the basics. If you consider turning to a coworker to ask if your pending post is too provocative, it probably is. When posting on your professional page, keep your grandmother in mind. You know she would not approve of a potty mouth.
  1. Controversy is great if you want to start a rousing conversation with your closest friends, but if you’re trying to gain new Facebook followers, save the satire for your next bridge game. Posting controversial topics will not only alienate some potential contacts, but it will also serve as a distraction from what you are trying to do on social media: network!
  1. Clutter might be okay around your home, but when your potential client’s feed is being invaded with your personal posts, they will not be impressed. Think about what you’re going to say before you slingshot something onto social media. If you’re unsure about how often you’re posting, check out this article Sometimes Less Can Be More.

Even if your social media accounts are intended solely for personal use, changing privacy settings and unexpected connections could result in having your profile viewed by professional colleagues or potential clients. Therefore, it is essential to use caution when posting to all of your social media accounts.

By avoiding the Three C’s, your profile is sure to coast to success. Want more social media tips? Follow us on Facebook!

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