A Feed that Flows: How to Create an Overall Aesthetic on Instagram

Jul 2015

Have you ever scrolled through an Instagram account of one of your favorite products, companies, or even friends, and noticed that their feed looks more like an art gallery exhibit than a collection of random photos from their camera roll? The most successful accounts on Instagram, both personal and business-related, are those that reflect a strong sense of identity through the synchronicity of their posts. Similar use of filters, borders, and even formatting and language of captions should create an overall aesthetic. Even the least artistic among us can grasp what this means, but how do we achieve it? We’ve got some simple tips to help you create an Instagram channel that is not only thematic and easy on the eyes, but also tells the story of your brand in the process.

Understanding Your Insta-niche

The first step to picking styles and themes of your account is to gain an understanding of what niche your business belongs in, and how to market yourself correctly the “Instagram way.” For instance, consider your shots as a whole: are they mostly artistic, interesting angled snaps, or are they a mixture of action and group shots? Do funny or quippy memes lend personality to your account? Will you participate in Instagram institutions, like #throwbackthursday, or other traditions related to your field? Researching popular hashtags, photo concepts and angles, and other accounts you’d like to model will give you a much clearer strategy when you begin posting.

Consistency is Key

Once you’ve decided on a specific look, stick with it- down to the filters, borders, and hashtags. The biggest obstacle when it comes to a well-crafted feed is overcoming the small stylistic differences from photo to photo When it comes to filters, try to pick a handful that are similar in tint and saturation. For example, Valencia, Lark, and Mayfair are all filters with warm undertones, while Amaro, Crema, and Hudson are cooler, with green or blue undertones. Furthermore, people typically respond better to the square photo style that has made Instagram famous, so try to avoid using photos that are not taken in this format.

Instagram can seem intimidating and difficult to “get right” due to its artsy, exclusive, and cutting-edge mystique. Don’t let perception dictate your actions; the reason it has become so wildly popular is that the filters and editing options make it easy to look like a professional without much effort.

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