Take Your Blog Out of the Box and Explore These Creative Formatting Styles

There are so many approaches you can take with your blog that it doesn’t have to be just another tiresome task you cross off of your to-do list. Your blog doesn’t have to be boxed into an intro paragraph followed by two others explaining your point and a conclusion.

There are other styles that you can have fun with, whether your business is B2B or B2C. And we’re sure that your readers will appreciate the glow-up as well.

Your Tutorial

This would be the ‘how-to’ blog that showcases different ways your audience can use certain products, various techniques they can perform, or even different ways they can utilize your services. We love tutorials because they are creative and give you the opportunity to present something unique to readers. This is why it’s such a popular format across all mediums: video, blogs, graphics and more.

Although they may seem quick and easy, lists actually require a lot of skill and thought to prepare when done right. Click To Tweet

Your List

Admittedly, lists can often be viewed for being low quality and even lazy. But we’re actually big fans of them. Think about it from your reader’s perspective. They want to receive the information they’re seeking out as quickly as possible. And a list is a great layout to achieve this. Although they may seem quick and easy, lists actually require a lot of skill and thought to prepare when done right. You want to get your point across in bite-sized pieces while leaving the audience well informed.

Your Feature

This is your chance to be very relatable and tell a good story. Features are a more long-form journalistic style of writing, so this is probably not something that you’ll write every week. But it is a good chance to mix up your blog by diving deep into a good topic. You can talk about anything from a customer’s experience to spotlighting an MVP employee, or a popular trend you’ve identified in your industry.

We’ll have four more blog formatting ideas coming to your next week, so stay tuned!


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  1. Suzanne Stavert

    Great post Shanice! I have been blogging for four years now and I am in full agreement with your suggestions. My career has evolved and in addition to writing for my own blog, I write for other companies (brands) their blogs and their newsletters. Getting your information from someone who has first hand knowledge (like me!) of a topic is what consumers are looking for!