Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Nov 2018

Every year, more business owners and CEOs learn how social media can help grow a brand’s presence. Social media allows companies to connect with their consumers in a way that offers a more personal connection and a lot more immediacy. In 2017, 71% of internet users were on social media. As this number of users continues to climb, the need to build your brand’s awareness on social media does too.


This powerful way to gain exposure is something no business should miss out on. If your brand is not active on social media yet, this is what you can be passing up:


Reaching A Much Larger Target Audience

Back in the day, a television ad could reach hundreds of thousands or millions.  But the conversation was one-way. Social media gives your business an opportunity to extend your presence while having an interactive dialogue with your audience. Being active online means that you have access to consumers all over the world.

When you are networking online, you are creating a relationship with your audience. You get a chance to make an impression that expands beyond your product or service. This builds brand loyalty and trust. Your consumers want to see authentic content that conveys who the people are behind the brand. Creating an online presence that your audience can relate to is an important step to having an ongoing connection with them.


Increasing Your SEO

It is no secret that a brand’s SEO improves with social media. When looking for a business through search engines, social media sites are ranked some of the highest on the list. The more content you post, the more links you are creating for search engines to recognize.  When you are posting and networking regularly on social media, you are increasing online awareness for your brand outside of just the website itself.


Driving Revenue

The most important reason why social media is good for your brand is increased revenue. The influence social networking has on your brand’s image is huge. If you connect with the right audience, they can become your best customers. Social media keeps your consumers in the know on a consistent basis, giving them more opportunities to buy.


Social Media can provide multiple ways to grow your brand and to create revenue. If your brand creates pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter, you are giving your audience five more channels to access to reach your product or service.   But not all channels are made for every brand. When you develop your strategy, weigh the pros and cons of all channels and whether they are right for your business. If in doubt, start slow. We have one final tip; don’t start something you can’t manage consistently.  Manage your channels routinely for best results.


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