Social Media Content That Will Help You Gain Your Audience’s Trust

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Social media gives companies the ability to make direct connections with their target audience. From having a light conversation over Twitter to answering a question in a Facebook comment, there are many openings where brands can respond to their fans. Building a relationship with an online community is one of the greatest opportunities social media can offer a brand.

If your business is based online or searching for new customers, it will first need to build trust with its fan base before you can expect a purchase. Earning a credible reputation will take time, and most importantly, a consistent stream of quality content.


Offer Advice

No one wants to work for free, but offering advice to your potential client base is a surefire way to build trust with your audience. For example, a mortgage company may want to offer home buying or selling tips and an electrician can offer tips on how to save electricity. Posting helpful tips that help your audience shows them that you value them even before they become customers. Plus, it also gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise!


Let Testimonials Do The Talking

One of the strongest pieces of content you can incorporate into your content rotation is a client testimonial. Testimonials are quotes from previous clients that testify to the quality of your work or product. These are practically gold when it comes to establishing credibility with your client base. They work the same as a glowing Yelp review and can earn you business too. If your customers are saying great things about your brand, others will buy in as well!


Show Don’t Tell

Remember the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? This phrase holds especially true when it comes to social media. If you’re able to take photos of your products or services, then snap away! Pictures and video give you a great opportunity to showcase the quality of your work. If you’re an artist, post a picture of your finished work of art and include close-up shots to allow your fans to see the detail that went into the piece. If you fix roofs for a living, share before and after pictures to let potential customers see what a difference your work makes for the homeowners that hire you. You can also create videos showing the process that makes you good at what you do! Sometimes words won’t do your work justice, but a photo or video will!


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