How to Reach Local Customers On Social Media

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Social media gives you the power to reach millions of people across the globe, but what if you’re just trying to connect with customers around the corner? The same technology that promotes your business internationally can also grow your business locally. Here are some easy ways to reach more people in your area using three of the largest social media platforms.


The biggest social media site on the planet also happens to have the most avenues for connecting with nearby customers. One of the simplest ways to promote your location is to tag it in a post. You can tag any kind of landmark by typing @ and then the location. For example, “we’re thrilled to open a new store in @Los Angeles!” If you’re interested in advertising on Facebook, there are specific tools to help you target people near your location. The “reach people near your business” option can show your ad to users who are within a specified distance from your brick and mortar building.


This microblogging site thrives on what’s timely and trending, so if your business is hosting a local event, be sure to extend the hospitality to a Twitter chat for people in your area. Hosting a Twitter chat is simple; all you have to do is create a custom hashtag and use it in every tweet you post during a specific period of time. Another way to connect with new customers is to use Twitter’s advanced search options. This feature allows you to search for people tweeting near you or people who include your city’s name in their profile.


This picture-driven platform isn’t just great for snapping shots of your products; it can promote your brand to interested people looking in your location. When you upload a photo, you have the option to edit, tag friends, and add a location. Including a location in your post is important because it’s the first thing users will see as they scroll past your picture and it increases its searchability. The same geotags you include in your posts can be used to find potential customers who are taking pictures and tagging the same location. Affective geotags include city names, local landmarks, and timely events.

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