The 24K Magic of Bruno Mars’ Instagram

Jan 2017

Bruno Mars sure knows how to get the party going on Instagram with his 8.7 million followers. Take your Instagram boogie over to his account, @brunomars, and you’ll see how this star gets down! Bruno’s successful Instagram is something to admire, and if you follow his lead, you might score your own hits on the photo and video sharing platform.

Source: @brunomars

Post Just the Way You Are

Plenty of people, organizations, and big brands are on Instagram – over 600 million to be exact. This is your opportunity to make music with your audience. Bruno Mars uses both pictures and videos on the platform; the mix is key to success! Like the Grammy Awards winner, use your posts to highlight your product or service. Make your content visually appealing so that it stands out from the crowd. If you have a product that is eye-catching and versatile, use Instagram to show how unique your product is.

Mars showed off his latest album, 24K Magic, on Instagram. He first teased his first single in the caption, posted the full album cover next, then dropped a photo below when the full album was released! He created suspense and a sense of urgency for fans to get updates, which he provided.

Share What You Treasure

For customers to better relate to your brand, you need to open up and share what’s important to you and what you believe. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mars shared one of Dr. King’s messages with his followers. His inspirational post collected 164,000 likes, and it welcomed 1400 comments. If you recognize a holiday, a person’s hard work, or a specific current event, you show that your brand has a belief system, opinion, and a voice. This offers a balance of posts that are 100% promotional. We all know how annoying those Instagrammers are that call for you to buy with every post.

Aside from the post to the right, Mars has shared pictures of his influencers, such as Michael Jackson and David Bowie. He gives a shout out to his fans in collages that show fans donning his well-known concert attire.

He takes his account to a personal level as he shares pictures of his family and friends with the world. What can your brand do to share what’s important to it? Start with highlighting employees, posting about important influencers or sharing a quote that holds a significant meaning.

Have Fun and Blast the Uptown Funk

Social media is fun because it captures what we celebrate and what we enjoy in life. Bruno Mars is gifted at using Instagram to do this. Whether it’s a picture of him busting a move in front of the White House or a video of him singing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, you know that Bruno Mars likes to have fun and play his music. We know every brand has a personality that can be conveyed on Instagram. Think outside of the box and show your followers how your brand is smart, outgoing, silly, or factual.

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