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As social media marketers, we’re always keeping an eye on what is working for other companies on social media. These days, many companies are using social media for their marketing efforts, but not every business uses it effectively. With larger audiences, bigger brands have a heartier task to provide tremendous customer service. While it can be difficult for these companies to respond to every tweet or comment, some companies take the time to respond to as many questions, complaints, and concerns while still creating engaging content that expands their audience reach and potentially converts to sales. Each different in their own way, these are the companies we think are “killin’ it” on social media.

Incorporating user generated content: Applebee’s

Applebee’s takes user-generated content to the next level! Across all of their social channels, the fast casual chain always encourages its audience to snap a photo during their meal. The social media team takes this one step further by constantly reposting and retweeting these pictures sharing the experience with its audience of nearly 600,000 people. Applebee’s customers love interacting with the company on social because they know they are being heard and feel like they have a voice. Applebee’s gets a five-star review from us for a delicious recipe of interaction and audience involvement on social.

Constant customer support: Jetblue

One of the biggest mistakes businesses can make on social is ignoring their customer’s comments. If there’s one industry that sees more than its fair share of complaints online – it’s the airline industry. Flying can be frustrating. With 2 million Twitter followers, it is no surprise that JetBlue receives an influx of questions and complains every day. JetBlue soars at answering the deluge of direct messages and tweets. The airline’s social media team uses these comments as an opportunity to publicly reply to nearly every tweet and work to resolve the issue with the customer. JetBlue takes off when it comes to customer service, whereas others are still grounded.   We love to watch JetBlue’s social media soar into greatness!

Expanding audience reach with engaging ads: Barkbox

Barkbox as only been around for five years, but that hasn’t stopped the brand from collecting 1.2 million Instagram followers! The family-owned company uses social media advertising to reach millions of dog lovers across the country. Barkbox ads are engaging and targeted specifically to users who are interested in the content. There’s nothing “ruff” about Barkbox’s social media. We give this subscription service two paw’s up for making man’s best friend a priority on Instagram.

Inspiring customers to take action: GoPro

Social media was made for amazing photography and videography. And nobody in the visual industry does it better than GoPro! GoPro’s massive social media presence can be attributed to not only to the growing popularity of the company’s products, but the awe-inspiring, action-adventure photos they generate.

GoPro brings the nearly impossible to life. From breathtaking photos from an idyllic tropical vacation, two underwater videos that leave you awestruck, GoPro sources photos from its fan base that make its audience feel like they need to act. The purpose of social media is to grow your audience and convince them that what you are selling is worth buying. GoPro does this without even having to try – striking envy and excitement into the hearts of 10 million Instagram followers.   We give the brand a picture-perfect rating and salute the social media efforts of this rabid camera culture.

Social media management takes time and dedication, especially as your channels begin to grow. Just starting out on social media? Avoid making these 6 scary mistakes!


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