Real Talk: How To Ensure Your Brand Has An Authentic Voice

Real Talk: How To Ensure Your Brand Has An Authentic Voice

Cut the chitchat; it’s time for some real talk!

Social media is a valuable tool that many businesses have used to create a direct connection with their fans. But just like a game of telephone, it’s easy to get your intended message mixed up if your voice isn’t clear enough.

The key to being able to successfully navigate some healthy back and forth on social media starts with a brand understanding its brand voice. This is the way a brand talks and expresses itself, and it’s one of the key defining factors of a business’s makeup since it dictates how a brand interacts with its audience! In a way, having an authentic brand voice on social media is very similar to someone telling you to “just be yourself” when you’re about to meet a room of strangers.

So don’t be shy and get ready to dial in.


Stay True To Yourself

What are your brand’s core values? Whether it’s a mission statement or a set of goals for serving your customers, knowing what your brand wants to accomplish as a business can help stay authentic. If your company cares about providing its clientele with healthy food, maybe your voice is more nurturing and caring. If you’re a fast food company, your voice may be more casual than a Michelin star restaurant.! The characteristics of your company can shine through based on your business’s values and staying true to these will help you go far in the realm of authenticity.


Watch Who You’re Talking To

Ever heard of stranger danger? It’s very real on social media. While there’s nothing wrong with answering questions directed towards your brand, when networking on social, consider whom you’re targeting while you network. If you’re a shoe company selling shoes to women ages 18 – 30, you won’t be talking to men unless you’re convincing them to make a purchase for a gift. Revisit them during Valentine’s Day or during the holidays, but remember that the majority of your audience is female focused. It’s not just how you speak to your audience; it’s also who you speak to!


Speak To What You Know

There’s nothing wrong with being an expert about what you’re actually an expert on! While it’s great to put out exciting new content and test out different ways to better engage your audience, sometimes it’s fine to stay within your comfort zone and simply speak to what you know. If some new slang is sweeping across social media, don’t feel pressured to add it to your brand’s vocabulary. Just because other businesses are adapting to what’s trending, it doesn’t mean your brand needs to as well. If you’re not certain something aligns with your brand, you’re probably better off not participating just to be safe.


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