Finding Your Voice: How to Write an Authentic, Original Blog

Communication is a skill we spend our lives perfecting, and the written word is no exception. Yet, in contrast to verbal communication, all of the ease and authenticity of our speech seems to disappear when we know it’s going to be etched into virtual stone. Finding a natural, comfortable voice in your writing is essential to creating a successful blog for your business, but this is much easier said than done. All the copywriters in the world can edit your writing for grammatical and syntax errors, but they cannot add the tone and personality necessary to truly capture an audience.

Photo Credit: @dbesinska
Photo Credit: @dbesinska

Still, you don’t need to enroll in expensive writing workshops to churn out prose like a professional; there are just a few simple questions and considerations to digest before you start blogging. Walk yourself through these steps, and your blog will gain traction, keep your readers connected and engaged, and deliver relevant information that reflects the true voice of your brand.

The first step is to identify your audience: are they professionals, young families, millennials, or baby boomers? Are they reading your blog to be entertained, educated, or both? What kinds of topics interest them? Would pictures help them better understand your posts (i.e. if you are explaining something very technical), or are they more interested in your interpretation or opinion on a subject? Once you know exactly who you are writing to and why they are reading, you can strengthen the “what” and “how” of your blog.

Next, you must pick a style. This directly correlates with knowing your audience, because you first need to understand what they are accustomed to or are expecting to read in your blog. If you are not sure if you should be writing from an informal or formal perspective, do some research on other industry leaders in your field. Do you want to come across as serious? Funny? Political? Friendly? Expert? These are all style options that will shape the way your blog reads. Once you pick one, stick with it. Feeling stuck? Draft a list of relevant buzzwords and see if they naturally lead you towards a particular style.

Lastly the “what” of your blog should reflect what’s relevant to you and your business on a daily basis. Even the most serious blogs need to appear to have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in their industry. People love to feel as though they are being addressed personally. Relatability and relevance are key factors in keeping your readers invested. Good writers write about what they know, meaning your best posts will come when you address what’s actually going on in your business and your world.

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