Quick And Easy Content Ideas To Get Your Audience Engaged!

Interacting with social media

Getting your audience to engage with your content isn’t always easy, but it’s absolutely vital to keeping your business in front of potential customers. You might have had luck with posts asking questions, or hilarious memes that get people leaving likes. That kind of response is great, but you need to be aiming higher. The more responses you’re getting, the more timelines you’ll appear on. Get out and experiment with interactive content, and get your audience talking!


What Type of Content?


There are a number of different ways to create interactive content. Some require more work than others, but it’s worth testing each type in order to see what works best for your audience.

1. Polls and Quizzes


Putting together a poll is one of the easiest things you can do. The tools are built right into Twitter and Facebook, so all you need to do is fill in the blanks. You can make them fun and silly, or a serious gauge of where your audience is at. It’s quick and easy, and worth testing.


Quizzes are another simple tool to create. There are numerous free quiz creators out there that allow you to make a wide variety of quizzes. You can make straightforward quizzes if you want to learn specifics about your customers, but making quizzes that are going to be fun for your audience is going to yield better results. Make the results unique, and encourage people to share them in the comment. Include unusual questions that will get people talking!

2. Contests


Contests aren’t exactly a new concept, but they are useful tools for getting your audience excited and engaged. When you create your contest, make sure you come up with a unique hashtag, and have people like and re-tweet or share the content to be eligible. Not only will you see your posts shoot up in engagement, but you can also track your unique hashtag to find out what the conversation is about your product. Make sure to announce and celebrate your winners as well! Showing off your dedication to your audience is a great way to inspire continued loyalty, and gives your brand a personal touch.

3. “Snackable” Content


Sometimes the most effective content is the easiest. A picture with a quote on it, either from someone famous, or a review of your product, can draw an incredible amount of attention. Live videos or shared videos are also perfect. Use your status to ask a question to the audience related to the quote or video, and watch your audience get engaged!


Working with your audience is the best way to make them feel engaged, listened to, and cared about. You are your brand, and that should be clear through the content you create for them. If you aren’t giving them something fun to engage with, they aren’t going to be there when you have major events. It’s also a way to get an early jump on the next wave of marketing that focuses on the emotional side of brands!



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