Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Mar 2018

Facebook ads can be the key to unleashing the online revenue you’ve been looking for, but proceed with caution. If done incorrectly, they can be a money sucking vacuum and an unfortunate waste of your valuable marketing dollars. Fortunately, most Facebook marketers fall privy to the same mistakes, but by acknowledging and implementing these changes, you can save yourself from experiencing the same fate and benefit from the glorious results Facebook ads have to offer.


#1 Sending Traffic to a Poor Landing Page

Your ad is only as good as the page it links to. The copy and creative on your site or landing page are just as important as the creative you come up with for your Facebook ads. If you are sending your audience to a landing page that is not optimized for conversions, you are losing out on the potential businesses your ads provide. Start by auditing the page in which your ad is linked. Think about the user experience and the process your lead would be taking to meet your end goal. Are you even linking to the page most likely to convert? Concentrate just as much time on the landing page as you are on the ad creative to get the best results.


#2 Taking Testing too Far

Testing is one of the most important steps in an ad campaign, but we wary of testing too many elements at the same time. If you are testing three completely different ads, you won’t have enough information to determine the defining factor that makes one particular ad successful. The copy, headline, creative, and targeting can all play a role in the success of an ad. A/B/C test your ads by changing one element across all of the ads. Do this as many times as you need to get the valuable information you are looking for, testing one element at a time.


#3 Making Changes too Quickly

Once your ad goes live, you’ll be eager to check the analytics and make changes to improve your results. But not too fast! Your ad needs about 3 days to optimize and let Facebook find its’ audience. Facebook calls this the “learning period.” After you’ve given Facebook enough time to send out your ad, then you can start to determine what is working, and what isn’t working to make minor adjustments.


#4 You’re Checking the Wrong Analytics

Getting a ton of likes and clicks is great, but are those really the results you’re looking for? Many marketers get confused on what is a “successful ad” based on these analytics, but it is really sales and leads that truly matter. Focus your attention on the conversion rate and tangible results your company received from each ad. Which ad drove the most sales or sign ups? While that ad may have cost more per click, the value of that customer makes the price per click nearly obsolete.


Facebook ad mistakes are prevalent, but simple to fix! If you’ve been experiencing an underwhelming performance from your Facebook advertisements, you may have been unaware that you were guilty of these ad faux-pas. Apply these simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating powerful, truly successful Facebook ads. Looking to grow a wider audience on Facebook? Check out 3 ways you can increase engagement and followers on Instagram.

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