Pocketing on Pre-Roll: How Twitter is allowing Video Creators to Cash In

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Twitter and Facebook are going head to head when it comes to advertising video capabilities while Snapchat is cutting down on its Local Stories feature as it shifts its focus toward live events.

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Facebook Rolls Out New Slideshow Ads Features

Slow connection interference is now a thing of the past, at least on Facebook!

It has been almost a year since Facebook rolled out Slideshow ads. Now the platform is optimizing how users can create the ads, as well as improving how the audience sees them.

Advertisers can now add audio and music tracks to the ads to create a rich visual experience.

Another bonus for advertisers lacking in assets is the integration of the stock image database and pages photo library. For those wanting to create an ad, but don’t have the visuals, Facebook literally has thousands of images for you to use.

Perhaps the biggest change is the enhancement to provide a video stream to users even suffering from a low bandwidth connection.

The move comes after repeated efforts on Facebook’s part to emphasize video media and optimization for mobile devices.

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Snapchat Says Goodbye to Local Stories

If you’ve been a big fan of Snapchat’s Local Stories feature which curated user-generated videos taken in specific cities, this news may not make you too happy!

While the Stories function was a popular feature amongst its core user metrics, Snapchat will dump the feature and set its sights on revenue generating programs, such as live sporting events and especially syndicated programs.

The social media company has recently inked a deal with NBC Universal for upcoming mini versions of its shows- an innovative way to attract new users to its platform.

Could this be Snapchat’s direct response to Instagram’s Story feature?

Twitter Improves Creator Revenue Program

 Twitter knows there is a high demand for video, and the platform is offering a piece of the action to video creators.

In an interesting new move, the social media platform now offers individual creators of all sizes “the ability to monetize content in multiple ways and generate revenue at scale.”

Simply put: Twitter will now pay individual video creators a share of the advertising revenue that is generated by their videos.

According to the Twitter media blog, the new program offers the flexibility to “opt-in videos Tweet-by-Tweet or pre-set monetization for all of their videos.”

As a bonus, Twitter is also implementing a non-exclusivity clause, which will not restrict users from monetizing on other platforms as well such as YouTube.

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