Video is a Force for Facebook and Instagram While Twitter Embraces the Dark Side

There’s no denying the popularity of video. Facebook is making a major change that will appeal to video users, while advertisers are seeing dollar signs on their Instagram videos. Meanwhile, Twitter is making a change of its own to enhance your experience while tweeting after dark.   These are your trending social social media videomedia stories in the news right now!

Facebook Vertical Video Aims To Keep You Watching Longer

Instagram and Snapchat have seen a lot of success with vertical videos, now Facebook is ready for its share of the action. After a yearlong testing period, Facebook will start integrating vertical video into user’s news feeds. The move solidifies the notion that people prefer to engage with vertical type videos.

Previously, vertical video on Facebook was cropped into squares when displayed in news feeds, with users having to click to see the vertically oriented version. After Facebook’s mass rollout, vertical videos including ads and live broadcasts will appear as vertically formatted videos in iOS and Android users’ news feeds.

Twitter is Lighting Up The Night With Night Mode

 Following the wildly popular launch of night mode on Android back in July, Twitter has now officially launched the update on all IOS devices.

The night mode feature will re-skin the mobile app in darker hues to make it easer to scan the feed and read tweets in environments with less light. To toggle night mode on and off, head to Twitter’s settings panel after you download the update. Then tap “Display and sound,” where it now sits under text size and other accessibility options.

After launching extended video back in March, video is quickly surpassing photos when it comes to social media content. There is no doubt video views will surely only increase with the added convenience of hue changes in low lighting thanks to night mode!

Instagram’s Video Ads Takeover

It’s no secret that Instagram has been gearing up to provide a video heavy interface for its users. Now we are seeing new data that supports that advertisers love video content too. Video accounts for 25% of all ads on the platform. With the recent launch of Instagram stories and now a growing trend of video ads, photos may soon be considered #Vintagegram content on the platform. In the past six months alone, Instagram video views jumped by a staggering 150%!

Not only are we seeing more video impressions, the length of those videos is growing. The average video length on the platform grew from 15 to 25 seconds in the month of June.

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