How to Increase your Click Through Rate on Facebook

Sep 2016

How to Increase your Click Through Rate on FacebookPosting consistent, quality content to your company’s Facebook page daily is an important task if you are looking to maintain a successful business page. You want to vary your content by mixing up the type of posts your audience is seeing.

Curate interesting content such as articles, blogs, and related, but the most important posts are the ones that drive traffic back to your website. Promoting your website will bring your company’s information to your Facebook audience and potentially convert to new leads or sales.

It is important that these posts are eye-catching, both visually and with great messaging, to make the viewer click through to your site. Here are some quick tips to boost your click through rate on Facebook and deliver a wider audience to your website.

Edit Your Posts


When you post a link to your Facebook page, it will generate the link to your website with an automatic image, description, and headline. From this point, you can make these simple changes to make the post more appealing to your audience:

  • Delete the visible link. Once you have copied and pasted your website link into Facebook, it will be connected to your website even after you erase the actual link.
  • Change the image and description if they are not relaying the message you are trying to convey to your audience.
  • Keep your headline and description short and sweet with relevant information about your site.
  • Ensure that your image is a good representation of your company, but also interesting enough that your audience will click through to your site.
  • Keep things fresh even when repeating the same link. There are many aspects of what you do, sell or provide – tell a different story every time.

Post at the Perfect Time


We recommend posting to Facebook twice a day, but these times can vary depending on your audience’s lifestyle. Think about who you want to send to your website. What does their average day look like? Test out different timing options and pick the one that works best for your audience.

Utilize Analytics


Did you know Facebook provides you with specific analytics about your company page and its audience? This data provides insight that can maximize your engagement. Use analytics to see the demographics of your audience and their specific Facebook habits. Create content around this information and you should see better growth on your page. Take a look at these analytics about once a month and adjust your content accordingly.


The best way to boost engagement and clicks from your Facebook page is to find what works best for your company. Incorporate these tips into your routine to start driving more people to your website. For more advice on running your company’s Facebook page and other social media accounts, check out What You Should Be Doing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly for Your Social Media Channels.

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