How to Improve Your Company Snaps

Apr 2016
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If you only had ten seconds to talk about your company, what would you say? Now turn that challenge into a video and you’ve got Snapchat! The photo vanishing app is the fastest-growing social network with more than 100 million active users. To make your snaps standout from the swarm, follow this guide.

Pull Back the Curtain

Save the stuffy stock images for LinkedIn. Snapchat is a chance for your company to really showcase behind the scenes stuff that users might never see. Give users a glimpse into how your products are made, how your team blows off steam, and what your office looks like. The more you pull back the curtain, the more people will feel pulled in.

Encourage Participation

Snapchat is a two-way street. If you want users to engage with your snaps, you must engage with theirs too. Whenever you have the opportunity to show followers that you genuinely care about their content, do it. Your replies don’t cost a thing but the relationships you’ll build are priceless.

Create Value

Maximize your ten second clips with tips. What may seem obvious to industry professionals, might be an eye-opener for the average person. Creating valuable tips not only gives people a reason to follow you, it establishes your expertise and credibility.

Make it Unique

If every single short video ends up on your Snapchat and your Instagram, why would I follow both? Give each platform value by creating unique content that is tailored to each social media site’s strengths. Don’t be afraid to play around with the various filters that Snapchat showcases. For example, a makeup company might use the goofy makeup filter as a “what NOT to do.”

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