Online Shopping… On Instagram?

As our digital world and our demand for instant gratification grows, we have found online shopping to be very convenient. Facebook has stepped into the world of e-commerce and has no plans of slowing down. According to The Verge, Instagram is working on a new app for online shopping. This app will be separate from the original Instagram, allowing users to browse and purchase items off of the people they follow.

The amount of users on social media increases every day; it only makes sense for brands to utilize it for revenue in a more direct manner.  Instagram has reached a fork in the road.


How It Got Here

Instagram began to sink its feet into online shopping by adding shopping tags to posts from certain brands. These tags make it very simple for users to access and purchase products they see in posts. By directing them to the brand’s website, you waste no time in reaching the product of choice. Currently, the app has over 25 million active business profiles. This number is only growing. Why? For most businesses, it seems that having an Instagram account is a must. Social media marketing is crucial for brands to hit their target market.


Where It’s Headed

People began noticing more and more ads showing up in their feeds.  We can all agree that Instagram has evolved (like most social media apps) into more of a selling platform than a personal platform.

Instagram has noticed the heavy amount of traffic it receives from buyers and sellers on its app. By creating a new shopping only app, Instagram will allow users to purchase products from the posts shown to them directly. It also opens up a new e-commerce platform for businesses that is solely for products and services. The app will also help eliminate the shopping and selling “noise” on the personal Instagram feed.


Adding an entirely new app seems like a lot of work for users. But if created properly, it can open up a new spectrum of opportunity for businesses. For now, we will have to wait and see what Instagram creates and how it affects their app usage.


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