How do I Grow My Instagram Followers?


The desktop login for InstagramHave you asked yourself this question staring at your stagnant Instagram follower count? Instagram is colorful, personable, and relays your visual story better than any other platform. It is also home to many of the most powerful influencers on social media. While it might be a popular platform, it is not an easy one. Attracting engaged new fans is hard work. But there are things you can do to keep those followers flowing onto your feed.


Pay Attention To Your Audience


Interacting and engaging with your audience is the most important factor to keep in mind when creating and managing your account. Just like other channels, if you aren’t responding and commenting on your post to their comments, Instagram’s algorithm is going to view your posts as less valuable. Most importantly, your audience will view you as less valuable.


If you want people to pay attention to your content, you need to pay attention to theirs. Make sure you are liking and commenting on other accounts. Not only does it show authenticity and engagement, but it will also help you network and grow your fan base. When you’re seen as a friend and not a brand, you’ll quickly see your followers rise.


Stay Consistent


Just like your other social channels, you need to keep your Instagram content consistent. Out of sight, out of mind has never been truer than with social media.

Your audience may glance over random posts. It needs to see brand consistency across your profile page, flow theme, and daily posts. Are your aesthetics varying wildly between each post? Does it look like a mess? It’s easy to pay attention to each post and forget about your overall goal.


Be Authentic


Something that can’t be said enough is “be authentic!” Your social channels are there to help you present your brand and get leads or sales, but over-promoting yourself and speaking only about your product will make your follower count plummet. Use Instagram as a way to show a personal side. Show off your work outings, take pictures inside the office, and get pictures with happy clients. No one wants to follow a robot, so make sure infuse the human element into what you do.


Whether you are just starting your Instagram or revamping your current strategy, remember to view your account as an extension of your brand and company culture. If you’re trying to branch out and create a more fun experience for your audience, you’re in luck. The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to start getting creative!



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