Joining The Twitter Party

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During social media bootcamp at Katie Wagner Social Media, we provide expert tricks of the trade to hundreds of business owners to support them on their journey to become a leading online presence in their field.

Out of the four social media channels that we focus on during bootcamp, Twitter is one of the most intimidating. The challenge with Twitter is that it’s all about real time interactions. Over 1.6 billion searches are performed every day on Twitter and it’s unique in the fact that you do not need an account to read the tweets made by Twitter users. Tweets are visible to the public.

Twitter is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website because it’s link-based. You can also add attachments such as videos and photos.

Getting Started

A great rule of thumb when building a social media empire for your business is to remain consistent. Your logo, copy and photos should be the same across all channels so your company is easily identifiable. The bio section on Twitter may be shorter than on Facebook but you should keep it as close to the same messaging as possible. Also, when choosing a Twitter handle, remember that it will be your distinct identifier, so make it simple for people find and remember.

Twitter is a moment in time

Depending on how many people you follow, there could be thousands of updates streaming through your Twitter feed each day. There is no way for you to see them all, but you are able to make the newsfeed a little more useable by employing Twitter lists (which we believe may just be the most underrated aspect of Twitter). Lists allow you to isolate users you believe to be the most relevant to your network so you can primarily read and interact with their tweets. For example, if you are in the auto industry and you want to follow 9 of your colleagues who work in the industry, you can add them to a list and check daily updates just from those 9 users.

Twitter = the new form of communication

With just 140 characters allotted for you to get your message across, your tweets need to intrigue your audience. Good tweets engage your community, recognize others through mentions and retweets, and amplify your content. Staying active and visible is extremely important, because a tweet’s lifespan is only about 1 minute long (or short!). Linking back to your website or other valuable content can help keep your audience connected by giving them a place to learn more.

Want to learn more about how to effectively manage Twitter for your business? Join us for our next Social Media Bootcamp workshop!

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