Your Customers are on Facebook; Are You?

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In addition to running social media channels for businesses, we teach business owners to run their own social media campaigns. We’ve been holding Social Media Bootcamp for more than 5 years, and have educated hundreds of business owners.

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from our class on the almighty channel: Facebook.

With over one billion users, Facebook is still the most popular social networking site for connecting and interfacing. With how frequently and rapidly Facebook updates their software, it can be overwhelming for business owners to grapple with how to best maximize the channel.

Three important factors to remember when reworking your business page:

  1. Tell your audience why you are the right company for them.
  2. Create an emotional connection with your community.
  3. Keep in mind that people do business with companies that they know, like and trust.

Social media sites like Facebook give potential clients a chance to unabashedly peek at your company to see what it would be like to work with you. Authentic is always better because if the content on your page comes across as too advertorial it may begin to feel robotic or too salesy.

Your goal should be to establish an an emotional connection with visitors once they click onto your page. That response will keep them on your page longer, which may lead to them connecting with you. Your Facebook business page is your first impression, where you will either hook ‘em (and they will like the page) or let them go freely to your competitor’s page.

Branding your page is crucial – having consistent photos on all platforms will keep you recognizable to your audience so they can quickly pick your page out from all others. Creative logos and energetic pictures are always a good route to go as well.

The key to engaging your audience is to tell great stories. Content is the foundation to both a reputable website and a successful social media channel. People will repeatedly come back to your page if you teach them something in a digestible and memorable way.

The goal of Facebook is not to sell a product but to build an audience, so limiting your sales pitches will give your page the momentum it needs to become a cornerstone of your business community.

Quick tips as you dive into Facebook:

  • The most effective length for a Facebook post is about 90 characters
  • On the front of your business page, only one sentence from the ‘About’ section will show up. Use that space to tell visitors exactly what they need to know about your company

Want to learn more about how to effectively manage Facebook for your business? Join us for our next Social Media Bootcamp class!

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