Increasing User Interaction On Your Facebook Page

Photo Credit: @catchy_title
Photo Credit: @catchy_title

It’s no secret that Facebook is a great tool for growing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website, but without an engaged fan base your Facebook business page is practically invisible. Growing a Facebook following is only half the battle.

The trick is to ensure those fans are actually seeing your posts. To expand your reach, you need to raise engagement between your fans and your page. Here are a few easy strategies for encouraging engagement and increasing interaction on your Facebook business page.

What To Post

  • Create content that is useful and informative. Keep it upbeat and fun whenever possible.
  • Keep posts relatively short and concise. Aim for a sentence or two in length.
  • Include more photos and videos in your posts. Posts that contain photos or videos receive a lot more interaction than those without.
  • Tag other pages when relevant to expand your reach.

When To Post

  • Post on a consistent basis. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it.
  • Aim for once a day if your schedule allows.
  • Check your page “Insights” to discover what time of day the majority of your fans are on Facebook.

How To Interact With Your Fans

  • Ask questions in your posts to encourage discussion.
  • Hold contests that require submissions of comments or photos.
  • Reply to all comments made on your posts, mentions of your page, and posts on your page.
  • Interact with other pages and users by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts.

Use these tips to focus on building engagement rather than gaining new followers. Try not to get too hung up on how many people have “liked” your page. If you work on increasing interactions your following will organically grow overtime. Resist the urge to buy fans. This will most likely do nothing to help engagement and may even prevent your reach from expanding. Besides, it’s much more satisfying when you can naturally build your brand’s Facebook following without spending money.

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