How to Create a More Personal Connection With Your Audience Through Emails

How to Create a More Personal Connection With Your Audience Through EmailsIt may be deemed as old-school by some, but email is actually a personal and effective platform to reach your audience. When you send out an email, it is addressed to the recipient, and if they choose to open it they only see your content on the page. It’s just you and them—a golden opportunity to keep their attention and interest. Use these tips to make a personal connection with your audience in the inbox.

Get Personal in the Subject Line

There’s no need to wait until the body of the email to address the recipient by their name. Grab their attention in the subject line by getting on a first name basis in their subject line. Their eyes will zoom past the lazy subject lines and focus on their name. Just make sure the messaging that follows their name is captivating.

Your subject line should answer the question, why should I open this email Click To Tweet

You wouldn’t want to just say, “open our newsletter. ” Highlight the key piece of information that will help them. Your subject line should answer the question, “why should I open this email.”

Deliver a VIP Experience

Subtly gather information from your audience in order to personalize their experience in the inbox. Whether you’re using a landing page form or watching the customer journey as they browse the site, there are various ways to get to know your audience a little better without a dinner date. Social media is also a great source of personal information about your customers. Having your customers sign up through platforms like Facebook allows you see the types of content they’ve previously engaged with.

It’s important to formulate a strategy when executing this method. Decide what type of content you’d like to deliver in order to figure out what type of information to gather from your audience. Similarly to the way Facebook delivers relevant content to your newsfeed, this method can be used to suggest a certain product or service that might be of interest to your customers.

With so much competition in the inbox, it’s important to keep up with the innovative ways to capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

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