How Instagram Made 2016 Their Best Year Yet

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Talk about growth! In the last six months, over 100 million users have joined Instagram, boosting its popularity and increasing the likelihood of it being an important channel for your business. The picture-perfect platform has put forth a valiant effort this year to keep up with the competition. As a result, it now has over 600 million users. So how did the platform win over the crowd? It adapted its game plan.

Fight For the Share

An ability Snapchat has that Instagram did not earlier in the year was the instant and direct sharing of photos and video to a collection that expires in time. Instagram threw a major punch at Snapchat when it introduced “Stories.” The new feature allows users to post collections of both photos and videos that disappear, much like users are accustomed to on Snapchat.

If your business is looking for new ways to stand out on Instagram, putting up stories and tagging other Instagram users in them is a good way to start. From unboxing videos to showing the behind the scenes at the office, Instagram stories is a good way to display your business’ culture and use a different element of the platform.

Direct the Traffic

Instagram added a direct messaging function that users are familiar with from connecting with people on Facebook and Twitter. This addition made it easier for businesses to communicate with potential clients, connect with influencers, and handle customer service issues.

When direct messaging, try not to let a message sit for longer than 24 hours. If possible, respond as soon as you can. A quick response speaks volumes about your customer service. With the direct messaging function, businesses can now better respond to their followers and make sure no comment, question, or inquiry goes unanswered.

Broadcast LIVE

Across all social media platforms, live video is one the biggest and most popular trends. Instagram launched its LIVE feature that lives at the top of the app next to Stories. Looking to take your business live? Just swipe left and select “start live video.” Your followers will receive a notification that you’re live so they can tune in.

Give your audience an inside live sneak peek of your business at exclusive industry events. For example, if you’re presenting at a trade show, if your company is celebrating a milestone or announcing a new product or service take it live on Instagram. Instagram LIVE gives businesses the exciting opportunity of reaching their audience in their proudest moments.

Who knows what 2017 will bring for Instagram, but we can’t wait to see what updates that platform will launch to continue to be a major player in the social media game.

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