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Jan 2017
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Instagram is giving more visual power to iPhone 7/7 Plus owners with a backend roll out of Live Photos support via iOS. Meanwhile, Twitter has officially killed off usernames in replies via Android, and Facebook is now offering auto-subtitling via Pages. These are the trending social media stories you need to know this week!

Twitter Does Away With Mentions Via Android

 Twitter has quietly begun doing away with “@” mentions via Android despite receiving backlash from iOS users last month.

The controversial new feature, which eliminates mentions when replying to Tweets to “erase clutter and save characters,” was accidentally released to iOS users last month.

Despite this, the social platform has decided to release the new update to Android users this month.

The latest move comes after the platform recently took away character restrictions when adding media such as video or images.

Have you noticed the change on your Android device? What are your thoughts?

Facebook Unveils Auto Captions

 Social giant Facebook is giving publishers an extra helping hand via its latest release of auto-captioning functionality via Pages.

The new feature uses voice recognition to automatically transcribe spoken English language in videos loaded onto the platform.

Publishers will have the ability to edit the automatically curated transcriptions manually at their discretion.

The new feature can be accessed from a new “generate” button that appears immediately after uploading a video to Facebook.

This latest feature will allow for added ease when creating and sharing videos for companies of all sizes via the platform as Facebook continues to push video integration in the new year.

Instagram Gets Colorful With Photo Enhancements via iOS

 Instagram has officially delivered on promises made last year regarding updates to photos.

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger took to Twitter to announce the arrival of support for Live Photos as Boomerangs via its “Stories” feature this week.

The platform will also be rolling out an update to allow iPhone 7 users the ability to use wide color gamut support on photos, a feature that will allow for vibrant color imagery.

The new features won’t require any action from users and will automatically synch via a backend update.

As we become more and more reliant on our mobile devices when it comes to digital media, these new updates will surely be welcomed with open arms.

When it comes to social media, don’t fall out of the loop.

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