Facebook Maps Out The Future Of Live Interactivity

Instagram hops aboard the merry-go-round with video, Twitter goes gaga over GIFs, and Facebook fires up the livestream map this week. These are some of the social media stories in the news.

 Facebook Live Global Map

Want to explore content on Facebook from other users around the world? Facebook’s desktop-only Live Map allows you to do exactly that! The Facebook Live Map allows you to see what is happening anywhere on earth, at that very moment. The map has blue pin indicators where live streams are happening. Blue dot clusters indicate a lot of activity happening and users can zoom in to see in further detail.

Source: facebook.com
Source: facebook.com

If you place your cursor over a dot, the user’s name, photo, number of views and livestreaming time along with a description of their stream will show. If the livestream interests you, click on the button and that will open the streaming footage along with a comments section where you can join in by leaving a comment or your reaction.

Another awesome feature of Facebook Live Map: you are able to see where viewers are watching from by hovering over a blue dot. You will see lines appear highlighting the connections to other users around the world.

Searching for the Perfect GIF

Everyone knows a good emoji can spruce up a tweet and a picture can say a thousand words but what about GIFs? One of Twitter’s recent updates includes a GIF search in which you can search and then send GIFs in Tweets and Direct Messages through Twitter.

With the GIF search you can find the ideal celebrity expression, TV show one liner, or animal action to show how you’re feeling. To find the perfect GIF you can search by keyword or browse different categories. Aren’t sure how to engage your audience on Twitter, check out these tips for promoting your business with the help of the little bird.

Source: giphy.com
Source: giphy.com

Instagram Includes Videos in Carousel Ads

If you’re familiar with Instagram’s carousel ads, you know there are multiple images that users can roll through to see a product featured by an advertiser. Now, you can add 60-second videos to the carousel. This provides you with an opportunity to blend both pictures and videos in your campaign. This is big news for businesses that want to show more than just a picture of their product in action.

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