Why Your Business Should Promote Exclusive Offers on Social Media

Dec 2015
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As the Black Friday buzz continues, your company may be searching for new ways to promote products before the holiday sales window closes. If you’re looking for a cost-effective strategy that will also promote your brand, it’s time to try exclusive offers on your social media channels. Here are three reasons why this advertising technique is great for both your company and your fans:

It Rewards Brand Loyalty

Make your social media followers feel like they are in on a secret. When creating your exclusive offer post, be sure to tell your fans they’re the only ones who know about the sale. Remember, brand loyalty is absolutely priceless and this form of customer appreciation could reinvigorate your fans’ love for your business’s brand. This move will not only make your followers feel important, it can also drive organic traffic to your products or services.

It Encourages Organic Growth

As rumors of your social media deals start to spread, more people will undoubtedly begin following your channels to get in on the savings. This marketing technique can increase your follower count, engagement rate, and website traffic. If you’re looking for more company incentives, ask your followers to help you reach a milestone before releasing the next social media promotion. For example, “Helps us get to 5,000 followers and we’ll give you 50% off the entire store with a special promo code!” These types of promotions can breathe excitement back into your brand without spending a dime.

It’s Cost Effective

Unlike the classic forms of advertising, posting promotions on your page can be completely free. By not boosting your promo post, you will force followers to check-in on your page every day to see what new deals may be waiting. If you do decide to boost the promoted post it will still cost a fraction of what a typical TV ad would charge. We recommend reinvesting the money you save in advertising into making your sales even sweeter.

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