Three Steps For Making Your Business Boom With New Followers

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If finding new followers for your business is unfamiliar territory, you are not alone. Even for the most seasoned business owners, building your following can feel like a daunting task. With these three simple steps, you’ll start building brand awareness and increasing the reach of your online marketing efforts. Think of this as your social media Sherpa.

1. Expand Your Circle

Use the contacts you already have to network and connect with clients, relatives, and everyone in between. Would you do something for a complete stranger? Maybe, but you’re much more likely to help out a friend in real life and online. Use your current personal connections to bridge the gap in the digital realm. Don’t be afraid to ask those you know to follow you on your preferred social media channels. For tips on how to expand your Twitter following specifically, click here.

2. Make it Easy

With new people visiting your website be sure to convert them into social media followers by making a few small adjustments. Add “follow” and “like” buttons to your website to make it easy for customers and clients to connect with you. To learn how to add a “follow” button to your website and marketing material, click here.

Additionally, use your social media channels to easily connect potential customers back to your company’s website. By adding the company’s URL to your “about” section, interested fans have more ways to get to know your brand and more potential to convert into a paying customer.

3. Follow-Up With Your Followers

Once you have new connections on your business page, it’s time to monitor your statistics and see what content they are “liking” and sharing the most. Fine-tuning your message shouldn’t take more than a few weeks. When you have a good grasp on what your audience enjoys, you can build the engagement your company deserves. Make it a point to check your accounts on a routine basis and interact with the people who are taking the time to “like” and comment on your posts. Make each fan feel important with a custom response that either include their name or answers their question.

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