Why Social Media Ads are Better Than TV Ads

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When it comes to having a competitive edge in marketing, you don’t have to shovel out thousands of dollars for advertising. Save your company money and directly target your ideal audience through social media ads. Here are three reasons you should consider quitting the commercial spots and start uploading your advertisements to social media platforms instead.

Specific Targeting

Your company’s target audience might be women 25-35 who love fitness, but with television ads you can bet a broader demographic will see the commercial. At first glance, a larger audience might seem fantastic but you’re wasting money if viewers aren’t connecting with your products or services. TV ads cast a wide net and there’s no clear way of knowing if audiences even have the volume on when your ad starts playing. Social media ads allow you to target a specific audience as well as show you how many people engaged with each ad.

Welcoming Environment

We’ve all done it; the moment commercials come on TV, we get up, leave the room, and start taking care of other things. So far, this autopilot reaction has not become the norm on social media and this is, in part, thanks to specific targeting. Remember, with social media ads, companies can reach people who already have a genuine interest in their products and might actually want to know more about what they’re selling. Social media ads are beneficial for both the advertiser and the audience because the advertiser saves money and the audience is not riddled with unwanted ads.

Cost Effective

Even in small local markets you can expect to pay thousands of dollars writing, shooting, and editing TV commercials. Once the commercial is complete, you will have to shell out thousands of bucks to pay TV channels to actually run your commercial. For a fraction of a commercial’s cost, you can create and self-manage social media ads. Currently, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram offer digital advertising.

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