What Company News is Good for a Press Release?

Jul 2023

Press releases can be a hidden gem when it comes to generating buzz about your company’s major milestones, activities, and developments.

Maybe you’ve launched a brand-new product unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before. You could have service updates to share with current customers or news about your sales trends and the impact they’ll have on your company or your industry. This type of company news is good for a press release because it shares critical information that directly impacts your audience, potential customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

After working as a copywriter with both in-house teams and publications on the receiving end of press releases for the past several years, I’ve seen just how much traction they can build for small businesses looking for more exposure. When crafted the right way, they can drive massive amounts of buzz, which often translates to boosted site and social media traffic. 

However, not all company news deserves a press release. Find out what company news is good for a press release, and don’t hesitate to consult KWSM with your pressing PR needs.

Company News to Share in a Press Release

Not all company news is worthy of a press release, especially if it’s not urgent for your employees, stakeholders, or customer base. 

Installing a new refrigerator chock-full of snacks, for example, doesn’t warrant a release. Major developments such as product launches, service updates, M&As, and prestigious awards or recognitions are more in line with press release content, since they carry implications for your company’s network. 
These types of milestones and developments are great company news to share in a press release: 

New Product Launches

Product launches are among the most thrilling types of company news. You’ve created something new, fresh, and perfect for your audience’s needs – and now it’s time to let them know. 

Whether you’re introducing a new feature, version, or brand-new product, you want the world to know about it. This is where a well-crafted press release comes into play. A release can help showcase the core benefits and value of your product to its prospective customers, ultimately showing them how their needs will be met. 

For more impact, consider including quotes from your CEO, product manager, or testimonials from customers who have already tested the product and given their stamp of approval. Be sure to include links to any product or landing pages as well, so that your audience can quickly gather more information and decide whether they’re ready to buy.

In the same vein, if your company is service-based, any updates to your processes or agreements should be made clear with a press release sent out to your current customers.

Service Updates

Major changes to your services are expected to be communicated to your customers, and a press release is among the most seamless ways to do so, assuming you have a robust email list.

You may be improving your customer service, expanding your service area, offering additional services, or launching a new subscription plan. All of these are examples of service updates that consumers deserve to know about, and by being communicative about them, you can retain the trust you’ve built with your loyal customer base. 

Service updates can also demonstrate how you’re listening to your customers’ feedback and improving your service quality accordingly, adding to that trust factor. Similarly, major milestones such as mergers and acquisitions are crucial company news that’s good for a press release.

Company Growth

Mergers and acquisitions are huge developments for any business, and if your customers aren’t informed, they may find confusion – especially if your company’s name changes as a result.

Name changes aside, an M&A can signal many things for your company. Acquiring another company can signal growth, while mergers often reflect innovation and consolidation. Either way, these developments can have significant implications for your customers, making it all the more important to send out a press release that keeps your audience informed. 

With a well-written press release, you can explain the rationale and benefits of the merger or acquisition – as well as how it’s forecasted to affect your existing and potential customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. I’d suggest including quotes from both company leaders as well, similar to new product launches, to add a touch of credibility to the release. 

Awards & Recognitions

Every company thrives off of credibility, and awards are a reflection of your authority within your industry – so why not share your recognitions with the world?

Industry awards, certifications, features in prestigious publications, and positive reviews from customers are all good company news to share in a press release. Along with boosting your authority within your respective industry, publicly showcasing company awards can attract new customers and investors while communicating your company’s core values and vision. 

In a recent press release I wrote for a solar battery manufacturer client, we announced the company’s inclusion in one of the most esteemed performance indexes for emerging U.S. companies. This kind of news, especially for younger companies, helps to build industry authority and earn the trust of potential customers and investors. 

Press Release Case Study: Solar Battery Manufacturer

Earlier this year, one of my clients needed a press release after being included in an esteemed performance benchmark or index. The index is among the most respected benchmarks for emerging U.S. companies, acting as the standard for approximately $16 trillion in assets. Naturally, we wanted the world to know. 

I drafted a press release that unveiled the news upfront in the first brief paragraph before going into concise detail about what it meant for the client’s industry credibility. Journalists don’t want to scroll much. They want to get their information and be on their way, which is why it’s crucial to express as much detail in the subject line and first paragraph as possible. 

The body of the release dove into why the index was so highly respected and how many investment managers and institutional investors heavily rely on it as a benchmark for their investment strategies. I also plugged in a quote from the company’s CEO for good measure, which is always advised when releasing major company news.

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