Press Release Case Study: Using PR For A New Product Launch

Jun 2023

In the summer of 2022, our client, a US-based plastic sheeting manufacturer, was getting ready to launch a new mold vapor barrier product. They enlisted KWSM’s PR services to help drive awareness about the launch and leverage this innovative product to set them apart from competitors.

For over 13 years, KWSM has been successfully writing and distributing press releases that drive results for our clients. We were confident that getting a comprehensive release into the right hands could be exactly what we needed to jumpstart this product launch. 

Press Release Case Study

This client has worked with KWSM for years with a steady number of sales stemming from our digital efforts. When they told us about an upcoming product launch, we knew this was an opportunity to expand their brand awareness to the right audience. For this product specifically, we narrowed our target audience down to home and commercial builders who were looking for advanced technology for mold prevention in crawl spaces. 

The client had a limited budget to support this product launch, so we decided to run a strategic PR campaign to get new users into our marketing funnel, which we would then support with weekly blogs, email marketing, and low-budget PPC ads.

The Plan

Press Release Case Study

To begin, we wrote a comprehensive press release that highlighted the product’s innovative mold prevention technology, educated the audience on the prevalence of mold within homes and why prevention is so important, and provided credibility by showcasing our client’s 25 years of experience providing their customers with high-quality products and personalized service.

Once the release was written and approved by our client, it was time to get eyes on it.

At KWSM, we use two methods of press release distribution to maximize results: putting the release “on the wire” and sending it via email to a custom media list. 

In this case, we sent it directly to a list of media contacts that we sourced, including relevant magazines, bloggers, trade publications, and influential personalities in the home and commercial building industries.

The Results

With this type of product, the sales cycle can be quite long as vapor barriers run at hundreds of dollars and builders tend to explore multiple options from competitors before purchasing. However, it took no time at all for results to start coming in after the release was published. 

Within 24 hours, the press release generated:

  • 81 total pick-ups from Construction Publications
  • 233 pages views on the product page

Within 30 days,  this product brought in $4K in revenue via online orders.

Since the launch, the product continues to bring in over $2K consistently each month. 

“This was the first time in several years that our client was releasing a new product. We were really focused on getting our announcement in front of the top publications their audience trusted as resources. This release began the trajectory for putting our client’s product not only on the first page of Google, but also as the top-of-mind option for construction professionals. It gave us the platform to launch this product directly into the industry and become a staple for construction applications.”

  • Brianna Zambrano, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, KWSM

Our client reports that since the campaign’s launch in August, they have sold over 180 rolls of the new product and brought in about $55k in revenue. All in all, we consider this a very successful launch, especially considering the limited budget for digital promotion.

You can find more KWSM press release case study examples here.

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