Online Marketing Tips for Orange County Restaurants

Aug 2021

Online Marketing Tips for Orange County RestaurantsIf you are an independent or small chain business owner in Orange County, it is important to know how to leverage your online marketing and make your business stand out. 

Online marketing can really help you get in front of the customers you are targeting, and in turn, get more people in the door to try your delicious food. 

There is more to online marketing than just social media. Is your website providing users with an optimal experience? Are they able to find your restaurant online? 

Let’s dive into some restaurant marketing ideas that Orange County restaurants can use right now. 

Drive Repeat Sales With Loyalty Rewards

If executed correctly, restaurant loyalty programs can really boost sales and drive repeated visits. The most successful ones focus on “big” rewards, such as earning points and getting free meals. 

There are many ways to make your loyalty program successful, but the key areas you should focus on are making it easy to use, providing a digital option, and promoting it across all social media channels. Last but not least, get creative by making incentives personal–you might just attract a new customer! 

Get People Talking on Social Media

When planning and researching ways to step up your marketing game for your Orange County business, social media shouldn’t be ignored. Posting and engaging with customers can help build brand loyalty. 

One of the best tips to increase engagements on your posts is to make sure they are relevant and personalized. If you want to get even more people through the door, another way you can reach customers is through location-based advertising to hit those locals who may not know about your spot. 

Tell Your Story With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great, low-cost way to attract local customers and increase your business revenue. It allows you to reach out to loyal and new customers and share current promotions and news. 

Email marketing can also help you stand out from other Orange County restaurants by serving as a branding tool. Make sure your messaging is well-crafted and relevant so your news stays in the customer’s mind. 

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